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Bauhinia Division- Challenge of Water Program at Crossroads.

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Eye opening, inspiring and hands-on are only some of the qualifications for our Bauhinia division wide outing to Crossroads on Saturday October 19th.

Our Brownies participated in The Water Challenge. A simulation that brings to life the burden of gathering water shouldered by the 1.1 billion people who lack access to clean water.

All Brownie packs got to experience what it means for young children to have to fetch water for their entire families sometimes having to walk for 2,5 hours. This time consuming daily activity has a direct impact on their schooling opportunities or lack of.

Our Brownies carried jerrycans of water for a few meters to experience what this task really feels like.

We learned about the 4 vital uses of water: drinking, cooking, hygiene purposes. The fourth use is less obvious but not less essential: for the growing of crops and to give to animals for drinking.

Illustrated by the amazing story of Ian, who realised his dream of building Liberia’s biggest playground, we can say that:

‘’You are never too young to make a change in the world’’.

To learn more about the amazing work of Crossroads, please visit their website and consider making a donation.

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