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Brownies Charity Bucks Buys a Boat

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

32nd West Kowloon Brownies pack decided to raise funds for The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.

In a typical year twenty typhoons hit the Philippines, 5 of which are disastrous. In 2020, the Philippines has so far received 22 typhoons and counting, bringing devastating flooding to many regions and making the work of the foundation more vital than ever.

Our girls voted The Yellow Boat of Hope (YBH) Foundation for the cause they wanted to support as part of completing a Brownies ‘venture’. To complete the venture, the girls had to either exercise their skills in a way that could help other people or support a community initiative or charity. Our brownies were inspired and impressed when they learned about the work done by YBH Foundation.

According to its website, YBH Foundation, otherwise known as the Yellow Boat Project, “started as a national movement to help children who used to swim to school in the mangrove village of Layag-Layag, Brgy.” Its initial aim was to provide children with school boats to help students get to school safe and dry.

Today the foundation not only provides boats, but has expanded to provide a range of community livelihood programs in addition to meeting various education needs. These include providing school supplies, scholarships, medical/dental missions and even funding structures such as classrooms, schools, dormitories and bridges.

32nd West Kowloon Brownies’ response was to design and run a fund-raising stall at the Australian International School fair. The girls decided a budget, made a shopping list and then prepared and cooked coconut balls. On one side of the stall girls showed students at the school how to tie different knots they had learned and on the other side they sold the coconut balls. The girls were delighted when they met their sales target of $HK1500, which is enough money to buy a yellow self-paddle boat.

Making the coconut balls. Tagged and packed ready.

Coconut balls are popular! Yay! We just sold the last one!

We are teaching others our knotting skills!

The funds have been donated to The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and the girls can feel very proud of their efforts. Well done, brownies! And a heartfelt thanks to all parents and helpers who volunteered their time and assistance both before and on the day.

Message from YBH Charity

Well done, brownies! We have received your donation. We are very grateful and proud of you as we know you are to yourselves! A heartfelt thanks to all the parents and helpers who also volunteered to give their time and assistance to make the results possible. Your efforts will not be in vain, our communities will surely have a better future because of you. Let us keep hope sailing!


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