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English Speaking Guides Leaders Training Day - Saturday 28 September, 2019

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

What an inspiring day the English Guide Leaders had at our annual leaders training day held at the lovely HKGGA Sandilands centre. Thank you to James and Carol from Koru Consulting Ltd for the excellent workshop, introducing us to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and facilitating how we can incorporate some of these into our meetings with the Brownies and Guides.

We had a great day of collaboration, nearly 30 Guide leaders from units all over Hong Kong gathered to network and learn together, supported by our District Commissioner, Diana, who arranged a wonderful feast for us to enjoy throughout the day.

We learned about our personality types - whether we were a purple squiggly line; a blue star; an orange circle or a green square, we all bring different traits and attributes to our Guiding teams. This video is a presentation from the purple squiggly line group - they help us add the fun into Guiding!

As we progress through the year, our Guide leaders will continue to attend further training sessions to ensure we provide the very best experience for the Happy Bees, Brownies and Guides in Hong Kong - thank you to HKGGA for the organisation and co-ordination that goes into making these sessions happen - they are immensely worthwhile to us as volunteer Guide Leaders, we really do thank you for providing this excellent professional development.


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