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Guides Global Conversation

On 21 September, creative souls from all over the world presented works: small and large, professional and amateur, provocative and subtle, to be part of the global conversation about climate change. This was organised by Micro Galleries, a free, independent global arts initiative that uses art as a vehicle to create positive change.

Our brand new guide unit, on its second meeting in Discovery Bay were more than happy to join in. 24 amazing stars worked together to clean up the North Plaza beach where we live and we managed to create some fabulous environmental art using the rubbish we collected.


We were not the only ones Contributing to our community. DB Green had organised a beach clean up so it was also amazing to be a part of this and their gloves came in very handy! Thank you Kate and Johnny.

What a great first outing to be a part of both a community and a global event. We left the beach a lot cleaner and felt very happy with ourselves.

There are many fabulous environmental artists raising awareness, but for someone creating on our doorstep and beyond, take a look at Hong Kong/Bali based artist Lina Klauss who can blow minds with her incredible installations.

For a look at the flip side there's the legendary Andy Goldsworthy, who uses only natural resources in unexpected ways to create his installations.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


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