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Mountain Girls

33 girls from Bauhinia's Guide Units, plus a small group of DB Brownies who are soon to 'fly up' travelled to Kadoorie Farm this weekend to get involved in their native tree planting scheme.

This is the second year Bauhinia Division has taken part so we knew what to expect - a drive to almost the top of the mountain, followed by a walk to the slope where native saplings are being planted in order to improve the local ecosystem and help support the local wildlife. We had to carry pick axes, spades, gloves, saplings and the protective plastic that would go around each tree (see below).

Bauhinia Guides planting their saplings

It was a huge adventure, the slope was steep and everyone had to try their best in keeping upright! In total we planted around 20 saplings and we look forward to returning to the site in a year's time to see how they are doing.

Brownies and Guides making their way to the planting site

A huge thank you to the staff at KFBG for their expertise, passion and care. We'll be back!


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