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Not everything has stopped!

Three leaders from Discovery Bay completed their very intense Emergency First Responder course through T8-firstresponse last month.

Over the course of 8 hours they polished their skills of dealing with a series of emergencies including a lot of chest compressions, bandaging and mouth to mouth resuscitation.

The final test involved 8 young actors who had been prepped as if a catalogue of disasters had taken place on the roof of the house where we were learning - broken bones, pumping arteries, impaled glass - the works! We needed to put our STOP-THINK-ACT, then Airway, Breathing, Compression, then Serious Bleeding, Shock, Spinal Injury into action. What a rush! We came  away exhausted and splattered in (fake) blood. 

The teaching was excellent, and we are keen for the rest of our leaders to get involved in the action once things have returned to 'normal'.

Gaylene of 424NT Pack B attends a medical emergency


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