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Reflections on Becoming a Guider

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Hello from Kowloon, where I have been the Guider in Charge (GIC) of 32nd West Kowloon Brownie Pack since October 2016. Wow, four years really flies!

People often ask me how I got involved, and how much time it takes to be a Guider, especially as I work full time.

Although I have volunteered in various groups, I hadn’t planned on getting into Guiding as much as I have, but from the very first meeting I attended, I could see Guides was different.

In Guiding, girls have the space and support to craft their own journey – to learn life and leadership skills, to develop character traits, and to make new friends.

My daughter enrolled at the same time as I started helping out, and we have both loved it. Girl Guides is the only organisation of its kind that exclusively supports girls and women.

While Guiding offers a lot of benefits, of course it involves your commitment and time too. It’s like any hobby or sport you love – you find the time, and make it happen. Over the years, I’ve found I get at least as much out of Guiding as I put in, and there is a lot of support for GICs, including ongoing training opportunities, and of course we get to experience all the fun activities with the girls.

Some of my favourite things about being a Guider are:

· The outings! Exploring HK including beach clean-ups, Kadoorie Farm, and the Wetland Park.

· The skills! You learn a lot of new skills, and can add an honourable thing to your CV.

· Common caring outlook! You will never be alone again, as once a Guide, always a Guide – more than 10 million girls and leaders who care about the world and girls’ and women’s roles in it.

· Friends in every country! Like the time my daughter and I were in Australia and joined a local group for National Tree Planting Day.

· Energy and enthusiasm! You would think it would be daunting to run a unit meeting after work, but I find I have more energy after a Guide meeting. The girls are just so wise, energetic, and fun.

· Tradition! Lots of fun traditions live on in Guiding. I’ll never forget being on the MTR platform, and hearing a voice call, "Hi, Fluffy Brown Owl!"

· Support! Nothing beats the friendships and support network you build in Guides. Your fellow Guiders will always have your back and the fun and mischief you get up to together is priceless.

As a fellow GIC told me, Guiding is like getting a pair of fantastic new glasses: you suddenly see the world in new ways, and everything seems brighter. From self-esteem and self-worth to solving some of the world’s problems, to meeting new friends, to just having fun. Guides is all that and more.


Our local elderly citizens enjoy listening to Beatles songs and other great hits of yesteryear!

A total of 2,803 girl guides from The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Martial Arts Lesson at Mong Kok Stadium.

Family Hike

We are ready for camp!

Investigating bio-diversity at the Wetlands Park.

Guiders working together, including a visit from Aussie guider Emily!

Working on our Drills and Ceremonies badge in preparation for the Annual Parade.

We learned how to do nine different kinds of knots!

English Storytelling in Public Libraries!


Campfire Fun!

Beach Clean-Up

32nd WK Brownie Pack have logged on and are zooming with virtual meetings!!

We have been so proud of the girls for logging on each week for the last couple of months to join our online meetings. We all have had to make a rapid shift to distance guiding and can see how important it is for our girls to connect each week during these tricky times. The parents have been brilliant ensuring their girls have timely access to the meeting.

Here is what the girls had to say;

'I really like the chance to meet up with my Brownie friends.'

'Playing in zoom!'

'Seeing Brownie friends and making crafts.' 'All of it!' 'FiNaLlY hAvInG bRoWnIeS!' 'I also enjoyed the guessing games.' 'I like guessing the songs/movie and treasure hunts.'



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