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“Sharing the light”

The words of the song “This little guiding light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”

rang true this Saturday evening when over 6,500 members of our world Wide guiding community came together online for a Virtual campfire. Called “Share the Light” this event involved thousands signing in with their campfires and lights from across the globe and singing as one. Never has there been a better time to showcase and share our world centres and how they work to bring guiders together and connect us. It didn’t feel strange or alienated. It felt so familiar. It felt like old friends (though most had never met) sitting in a circle. 🎶Singing. 🎶

We could have been in any one of our countries, and the one thing that was clear is that the guiding light continues to shine throughout isolation. Three cheers for all our world centres and 10 million world members of WAGGGS. We certainly felt your light tonight.

Anne & Sabine Simpson representing 32WK Guides


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