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Summer Discoveries on Zoom

27 women joined last night's Summer Discoveries session - the most people we've had on Zoom to date. It was a brilliant 75 minutes - the atmosphere was simply lovely.

Personally, I found it to be the perfect shot in the arm for my Guiding passion, after the past few month's erratic on-again, off-again nonsense. Seeing so many new faces was a particular joy - so many new women joining our ranks, bringing their unique set of passions, skills and life experiences to the table. I can't WAIT for things to get back to a version of normal so we can start Guiding proper again!

One of the highlights for me last night was Pauline's Zoom version of Wink Murder - really great fun! And I am gradually getting used to leading a song with everyone set to mute. Strange times indeed. But fun, nonetheless.

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