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Without volunteers to lead, we can't exist!

We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds, abilities and faiths to join us as leaders. No previous guiding experience is necessary as we provide a full training scheme for all new leaders.


Happy Bees, Brownies and Guides can only do all the amazing things they can (think camping, hiking, star-gazing, outdoor cooking, inventing, performing, craft making...) with the support of their leaders, who plan, organise and run the weekly meetings.

How you can get involved...
Click here to find out more about the training and contact us for the next course:

From giving a couple of hours a month to leading a meeting, volunteering is very flexible and can fit around a busy life. The following are just a few of the ways you could get involved with us:

- unit leader

- unit occasional helper

- guest speaking

- photographer

- specialist teaching

- accounting

- public relations (press releases)

- social media support

- administration support

- being an extra pair of hands at special events and trips

Join us and help to create a world you want for girls.

What our leaders have to say:


Pauline Cheung

Division Commissioner

" Guiding is more than just "developing global citizens" (which isn't a poor goal by any terms).  We are here to show the way - help girls learn about themselves, others, and all the things that are possible for them.  We also lead by example by leading our own dynamic lives and modelling to them that ladies can be anything we want (which is why we have women from all walks with us and we love it!) . The journey isn't just for the girls, there's lots in it for the leaders too!"


Concettina Ventura

415NT  Brownies

"What I love about being a leader is that I get the chance to share the ‘Brownies’ experience with my daughter.  She is proud that I am a leader and I am proud that she’s a Brownie.  

We both feel part of something special.  I volunteer as a leader because I understand how important Brownies is for our girls.  It is a safe, fun learning environment that allows our girls to shine, to step out of their comfort zone and to really develop their social and leadership skills.  


The benefits for me personally have been making new friends with some amazing women from all over the world.  I feel part of a community that is working towards something really important. For anyone considering becoming a leader, I would say ‘embrace the challenge … it takes up a lot of time, but it’s definitely rewarding’.."


Sharon McEneff

424NT Brownie Pack A

"I love being a leader and watching our Brownies better themselves through trying things they may have never tried, things that they might not get the opportunity at home or school. My highlight is when I hand out the badges to everyone after working towards a goal.  


I would encourage anyone that has a small amount of time to consider becoming a leader. We are all busy, however the small things that we do make a huge difference to these young ladies. I was thanked by a Brownie for letting her be a Brownie - hopefully one day she will realise it was her decision; we have helped her along the way to motivate and enjoy being a Brownie."

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